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Add Some Sparkle to Your Bathroom With Metallic Materials

Roman Bathrooms

Metallics in the bathroom are this season’s – no, this year’s – biggest must-have. From warm copper to sleek silver, metallic tones have taken British bathrooms by storm, with no sign of relenting.

Whether you’re looking for metallic accents or going metallic top to toe, there are a few things to think about before you decide on a design.

1) What kind of ambience are you trying to create? It’s easy to get carried away in the grip of a trend without thinking what actually suits the rest of your interior, and what feel your chosen metallic will give to the room. For example, if you’re dying to get involved in the metallic trend, but live in an older property, then a rich brass tone will keep it classic without losing the cool factor of a metallic shine.

2) How will you warm it up? Whilst a metallic finish certainly lends a sense of luxury, many people choose to team it with other materials as a way of adding a softness to their design which contrasts the metal. Wood goes very well with a metallic finish, and also incorporates 2014’s other major trend – texture mixing. If you’d rather stick with just the metallic finish, discuss how you can use lighting to warm up the room.

3) Accents or all over? Have you thought about where you’d like to have the metallic finish? Here or there? Everywhere? If you’re not changing the whole layout of your bathroom, you may find only certain elements suit the metallic look, or are even available with a metallic finish – speak to a bathroom designer about your options before you make any firm decisions.

We are absolutely loving this trend, and are seeing an increase in enquiries about metallic finishes in the bathroom. If you’d like to know more about incorporating 2014’s most desirable material in your bathroom, pop in to Roman Bathrooms and talk to one of our experts.