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Bathtub and Shower Combinations that Provide Benefits for the Whole Family

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One of the most important elements of designing a bathroom is that it should provide a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone whatever their age or ability.

Having completed many inclusive bathroom projects for families we fully understand that everyone has different needs. However, we strongly believe that style does not have to be sacrificed for safety, and that products can still offer comfort and luxury as well as practicality.

More products are coming onto the market and some are also focusing on enhancing the bathing experience, taking care of yourself and physical and mental wellness.

The Iris combination bathtub and shower from Novellini is one such product. This hydro massage bathtub and shower incorporates the pleasure of a hydro massage bathtub, convenient facilitated access and the practicality of a shower in one solution.  Features include a mechanical door lock and head rest which, with a simple gesture, becomes a removable seat.

The hydro massage system can be airpool or whirlpool. The airpool system introduces air into the water through the appropriate nozzles positioned on the bottom of the bath. Treatment with airpool is relaxing and soothing, because the bubbles of air, which are more delicate and quiet compared to the whirlpool, gently massage the muscles by stimulating peripheral microcirculation and nerve endings.

In the hydro massage with whirlpool jets, located along the side walls, the water in the bath is recirculated and injected with force back into the bath. The jetting of air and water act on the body with a revitalizing and energizing massage.  It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, with a lymphatic drainage and vasodilatory effect to reduce water retention.

The Iris has an effective disinfection system and the quality of materials make it safe to use and easy to maintain.

The bath is available in five stylish finishes, White, White wood, Grain, Burlington and Wenge.

We have found that the Iris provides benefits for all of the family – the seat makes it easy for adults to shower toddlers, the door provides easy access for those with less mobility and everyone can benefit from relaxing in the whirlpool bath.

We have an Iris on display in the showroom, why not call in and take a look? We are happy to talk about how the Iris or any of our other inclusive bathroom solutions may benefit you.