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Beautiful Bathing Whatever Your Age

Roman Bathrooms

We have always offered bathrooms designs that are accessible yet stylish but have noticed an increasing number of customers asking for products that have been designed to make the bathroom safer for the whole family both young and old.

The needs of our customers can be very different. Some require a design that allows wheelchair access, others want an easy access shower and many don’t want to give up on bathing and would like to keep a bath.

Thankfully manufacturers have risen to the challenge and we do have access to high quality bathroom products that can enhance the user’s experience through both effective and functional design.   Selecting the right products can provide a greater level of independence and makes using the bathroom a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Baths in particular have improved immensely, there is much more choice and the days of the ugly assisted bath that was advertised in the back of the newspaper are long gone.

Teuco’s walk in baths are one of our favourite options as these easily accessible units offer the opportunity of both showering and bathing. This is a glamorous combination that is a welcome addition to any bathroom as they cater to the needs of children, adults and the elderly. Everyone can enjoy them as either a bathtub or a shower as they are easy, safe and comfortable to use, thanks to painstakingly studied ergonomics. It is no surprise that this product won a prestigious industry award earlier this year, the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award for innovation in functionality.

Ideal Standard have also just added a fabulous new bath to its Concept Freedom range.  This luxury collection has been designed by leading designer Robin Levien and is truly beautiful and functional. The new bath is full of features that make a big difference to the bathing experience. It has a low access edge that can be used for sitting on to making getting into the bath easier. There is a step at the tap end and an optional foot stop at the other end to make it more comfortable for shorter people and again make access in and out easier.

We are sure that this bath is going to popular with many of our customers.

If you are looking for an accessible bathroom design, take a look at our information here – or better still pop into the showroom and talk to us soon.