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Buy in Haste, Repent at Leisure!

Roman Bathrooms

The January sale season seems to last for longer and longer every year, with further cuts in prices to tempt consumers to buy.  It is a time that makes me think about how we make choices on what we buy and how, in the UK especially, we all love a bargain and are drawn to these great offers.

However, I am also reminded that for some it is a case of buying in haste and repenting at leisure!
Kitchen and bathroom retailers have become very savvy in the way they present their products to the consumer and it is easy to create a display or image that looks gorgeous on the outside.

But as we all know it is what is on the inside that counts and the true test of quality for kitchen and bathroom is hidden from view.  It may not be glamorous but I would always ask about three key things when choosing kitchen furniture; the thickness of the carcass, the back panel and how the edges are finished. For a quality kitchen that will last you should be looking for a 15 or 18 mm carcass, a solid back and ABS or PVC edging.

Other things to look for include how the joints are made and the type of hinges on the doors.  Glue and dowel is the jointing technique favoured by most leading European manufacturers and if you are splashing out on a traditional kitchen you can expect hand crafted dovetail mitred joints.  Look for soft close hinges, now included as standard on many kitchen ranges.

The physical specification can be researched and checked but it is often harder to determine the level of design quality and service that will come with your bargain purchase.  Be sure you understand what level of after service you can expect and what guarantees are offered.  Also be rigorous in asking to see past customer testimonials and use the internet to source on line reviews.

A new kitchen or bathroom is a major purchase that should enhance your family life and provide you with many years of pleasure, take time to research and plan, even when the sales are on!

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