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How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom Experience

Roman Bathrooms

Innovation in the bathroom has produced new materials and products that can elevate your everyday bathing experience from the mundane to the extraordinary.

It is now easier than ever to re-charge your batteries and pamper yourself in a highly personal space that has been tailored to meet your every need.

At Roman Bathrooms we have selected some of the best products available that have beauty and design at their heart but also offer the opportunity for the whole family to indulge and re-fresh.

Duralight® is an innovative acrylic based composite material, patented by Teuco.  The nature of the material has enabled Teuco to develop a range of products with superior performance and style.

It has a smooth continuous surface that is warm to the touch and allows for larger and more complex shapes to be formed.  As well as the sensual and visual qualities, it is a material that is practical, being non–toxic, hygienic and easy to clean.

Shower trays, wash basins and baths are clean–cut and elegant, all available in sizes and shapes designed to inspire.

For the ultimate in luxury why not add a whirlpool bath.  Technology has transformed the quality of these systems, making it easy to re-create a spa experience in your home. Quiet, and effective, the modern whirlpool bath offers features such as ultrasound, and coloured lights, all discreetly incorporated into beautiful baths.

Why not call in and find out how you can create a luxurious bathroom in your home.