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The Dangers Of Uncontrolled Hot Water

Roman Bathrooms

A Worthwhile Campaign to Highlight The Dangers Of Uncontrolled Hot Water

I am delighted to see that a new campaign has been launched to highlight the dangers of uncontrolled hot water. As someone who has worked in the bathroom industry for my whole career I know that it has always been a problem, especially for the vulnerable members of the family.

Here at Roman Bathrooms, we will be supporting this campaign wholeheartedly and it is heartening to see so many of our industry colleagues doing the same.

Many of the major manufacturers that we use have signed up and the Bathroom Manufacturers Association is supporting it too.

Hot water burns like fire is the mantra being used as it takes just 1 second to receive a deep burn from hot water at 70 degrees C, leaving a scar that is permanent and will last a lifetime.  Statistics show that that nearly 300 people a year are so badly burnt they have to be admitted to a specialist burns unit and frighteningly over two thirds of these are children.

Whilst the statistics are dreadful, there is no reason for them to be so, modern technology provides for a wide range of devices that can significantly reduce the risk of scalding.

Simple safety devices such as thermostatic mixing valves are available and can be retro fitted to existing plumbing pipework or you can choose to install brand new thermostatic showers and taps without the need for a complete bathroom refurbishment.

When choosing a new shower, a thermostatic shower is best because the water temperature is automatically controlled to prevent hot water scalding.  Other products such as cool touch thermostatic taps and thermostatic digital showers can also help.

The campaign has been endorsed by Amanda Redman, MBE, and the much-loved British actor who was herself scalded when only 15 months old. More information is available on