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Designing a Cracking Christmas Kitchen

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Kitchens at Christmas are chaotic. There never seems to be enough space – from an overflowing fridge to guests cramped in corners, many kitchens just aren’t designed for Christmas. But if you were to design with Christmas in mind, what would your must-haves be? Read on to discover our top 3 Christmas kitchen essentials.

Storage space
There is never, ever, enough room for the Christmas shop. There is always a last pack of bacon which won’t fit in the fridge, or biscuits that won’t go in the cupboard. Therefore, the first feature of our ultimate Christmas kitchen is space.

A large fridge is invaluable to the frequent host, providing refrigerated storage.  Look for a convertible compartment option that allows you to convert freezer to fridge to and vice versa. This function allows you to use the space however you need to without overstuffing either mechanism. If you opt for an in-built ice machine, you save yourself the hassle of constantly refilling ice trays and running to the freezer during parties. For dry food, consider building a pantry in to your kitchen.

Pantries are once again fashionable and can store a whole host of foodstuff with easy access.  If a pantry is not possible you can opt for a large cabinet space, with further storage built inside the doors.

Social Space
A crowded kitchen is the enemy of calm, so in our ideal Christmas kitchen, we’d create plenty of room for mingling guests and excitable kids. Be it a breakfast bar or an island, you need a place where guests can converge, and you can continue to cook whilst enjoying the festive atmosphere.

The seating you choose to accompany this should be casual. Avoid dining chairs, think bar stools, this keeps things light and informal, and means if you need extra space, the seating is easy to tuck away.

When choosing materials, bear in mind that entertaining carries certain risks. You need surfaces where a red wine spill isn’t a disaster, and chairs that can withstand children’s sticky fingers.

You don’t just want to be ready for Christmas; you want to feel Christmassy too. That’s why our dream décor features wood panelling and warm colours – the atmosphere should be warm and welcoming rather than cold and clinical. Lighting is integral to your Christmas kitchen.

Aim for a warm glow not a harsh light. This can be accomplished using dimmers and well placed spotlights to create a soft light that invites guests to relax. Dream on So that’s our dream kitchen, spacious, social and stylish.

Considering these things during the design stage of creating your perfect kitchen can make life so much easier during the holidays, so dream up your perfect kitchen, and bring it to life!

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