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How to Expand Your Bathroom Storage Without Crowding Your Space

Roman Bathrooms

One of the most common questions we are asked is how to create extra bathroom storage without sacrificing too much space?

One of our favourite solutions is recessed storage, which not only looks elegant but also provides storage without intruding on to the room. No wall space is too slim for recessed shelving, it can be as shallow or deep, long or short as the room allows, and doesn’t make the area any smaller.  The addition of lighting can also add to the ambience of the room.

Vanity units are the ultimate in bathroom storage, and come in many different sizes and styles. A vanity unit creates plenty of storage opportunities, with the option of cupboards and drawers below. Personalise your hidden storage with clever accessories such as beauty trays, linen baskets and waste bins. Adding open shelves for storing towels and other foldable items also makes a nice feature.

Wall cupboards are a great option and can be fitted or freestanding.  A mirrored cabinet is a clever way to maximise on space and add light into a room.

If you like the rustic look, open wicker baskets are a firm favourite offering attractive, inexpensive storage.

For more storage ideas, pop into the Roman Bathrooms showroom where we can give you our expert advice.


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