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How To Get A Designer Kitchen At An Affordable Price

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Getting like-for-like quotes from several different kitchen companies is sensible when planning to make a major investment in your home but it is not always easy to make a direct comparison.

The specification can vary greatly, even though the doors may look the same.  A gloss white door can be constructed from different material and vary in thickness with a variety of finishes on the edges, all of which will have an impact on the quality and how well the kitchen performs .The cabinet carcass can also be constructed with materials that are different thicknesses and have been put together in ways that may make them more or less hard wearing.

It is wise to ask these questions particularly when the deal seems too good to be true.  There is a popular saying ‘PRICE IS WHAT YOU PAY- VALUE IS WHAT YOU GET’ and this is very true when purchasing a new kitchen.

A lot of money is spent by some companies advertising spectacular sales with up to 50% off or example kitchen layouts that can be bought for as little as £3000.  It is important to clarify not just the specification of the product in this example but also what it includes. It may include a small number of standard units that are only available in one size, they may not be enough for your kitchen or the right size for your room.

There are lots of extra’s that need to be added to a kitchen quote to make a good finish, end panels, plinths and handles  to name a few, are these extra?  What about appliances- the cost of these can sometimes add another 50% to a kitchen quote.  Is a design and installation service included and what about aftercare and guarantees?  The £3,000 can easily turn into almost £10,000 at the end of the day.

So what else could you get for £10,000?  Well you may be surprised to learn that you could get a first class service, quality product and individual designs from a well-established family business.

When it comes to design there can be a world of difference between placing standard boxes onto a layout and designing a kitchen that fits your room and works for you and your family.

As a local independent retailer we have built our reputation on service, with many customers recommending us or coming back for another room or when they move house. We design kitchens for all kinds of homes.   Our British made kitchens cover a huge range with different price points and we have the experience to offer quality solutions that are tailored to your circumstances.

Don’t just take our word for it- take a look at some of the examples here– these kitchens start at just £10,000.  Call in to speak with us soon, you will us friendly and approachable, we look forward to seeing you soon.