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The Health Benefits Of Bathing

Roman Bathrooms

All too often life is busy and we don’t have time to stop and relax.   Showering has become the favoured method of cleansing as it is so quick and convenient but it does not have the therapeutic effects of a long hot soak in the bath. A lovely warm bath is not only a relaxing experience – it’s got a huge amount of health benefits associated with it too!

Firstly – there’s the deep muscle relaxation achieved by the warmth. Taking 15 minutes or more to bathe in a relaxed manner will help with tension headaches, neck pain and cramps. It also improves the elasticity of the muscles – a gentle stretch in the warmth of the water is hugely beneficial too, especially if you’re in a sedentary job.

It’s also a place you can’t be disturbed, making it the ideal opportunity to unwind, read a book or simply clear your mind.

The water should be warm enough to induce a sweat – helping you perspire and shed unwanted toxins. And shed dead skin cells and increase circulation by gently rubbing with a loofah or sea sponge.

Use natural oils like coconut or olive oil, or essential oils, to moisturise skin and benefit from the therapeutic aromas.

Avoid synthetic products as these can cause skin issues and irritations, and do not bathe in very hot water if you have high or low blood pressure.

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