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How to buy a bathroom


Buying a bathroom can be daunting, there are a lot of lovely products to choose from but making them work in your bathroom with the existing layout and plumbing can be a challenge.
It is best to start with your wish list, leaving aside the practicalities in the first instance. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and it should be your sanctuary. Think about what you would really love and then talk to a bathroom designer to help you achieve it.

Decide what is important to you
Consider all the best bathrooms that you have ever visited, from hotels to friends’ houses. Find the products that are a must have for you, a freestanding bath, a power shower or a wet deck.
When you have an idea of what is important to you, take a look in magazines and save pictures of bathrooms that you like.

Choose a designer with expertise
Then visit a showroom like Roman Bathrooms. Our designers have the expertise to help you plan a functional and beautiful room. We have extensive product knowledge enabling us to suggest the items that will work best for you.
Bathrooms are one of the most complicated rooms in the home to update. Old plumbing is not designed for modern products and there will often be costs associated with this. Also in the past the pipework was generally on show and in today’s modern bathrooms it is likely to be hidden.

Never accept a quote without a home survey
A word of caution, never accept a quote from anyone that has not done a home survey. Don’t underestimate the cost of installation and don’t try to skimp on this. A badly installed bathroom is a recipe for disaster, leaking pipes and faulty connections can cause damage and be dangerous.
When you buy from an independent retailer that has a showroom, you can look at the quality of the products on display. At Roman Bathrooms we also manage the complete process from start to finish. Everything will be dealt with and you have one point of contact to discuss progress and issues as they arise.

Research a retailers capabilities
We would also recommend that you research a retailers capabilities by looking at case studies on their website, talk to past customers, and look for thank you cards in the showroom that are current.
Buying a new bathroom does not have to be stressful. Plan well and invest wisely to ensure that you enjoy your new bathroom for many years to come.

Make an appointment to talk with one of our designers to see for yourself – we look forward to seeing you soon.