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How to Create the Perfect Open Plan Living Space

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An open plan living space is on everyone’s wish list and more and more homeowners are choosing to extend or bring rooms together to create a multi-functional room designed for living.

Designing a kitchen that functions within a living space requires careful planning and not just because of the practicalities of how to deal with noise, fumes and smells!

The room should work as a whole complete space that everyone can share as well as the designated areas within it.  Decide on what zones are required and how traffic will move through each one.  Consider how to bring the outside in and integrate the garden view and maybe a patio area into how the room works.

Colour schemes can be very important, a natural backdrop or theme with splashes of colour linked to different areas holds a space together and differentiates between areas. Keeping the colour scheme neutral provides an easy backdrop as does a pale colour such as muted blues and greens as well as off-whites, biscuit and coffee shades.

The choice of flooring is important as it pays to keep this the same to help the room flow but it has to be suitable for each area.  A good quality Karndean floor works well and there are so many looks to choose from.

When it comes to furniture you can now select a range that looks good in both the kitchen and the living areas, such as the Charnwood from Mereway Town & Country. This range provides options for open shelving and display cupboards for all the beautiful things that make your house your home.

The lighting designs also needs to reflect the multi -functional nature of the room. Select the lighting required based on the activities in that area, so task lighting where food is being prepared, more general ambient lighting to create atmosphere and accent lighting to highlight a key feature such as an island.  Lighting can be one of the focal points of your space, think dramatic pendants over a dining area or even one of the super trendy extractor fans that are designed to look like lights over a central hob.

Do discuss your ideas with a designer as a professional eye can make all the difference to the finished scheme, why not call in and we can help you start to create your dream open plan living space.