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How to Introduce Colour and Texture into the Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms

White has been the most popular colour for UK bathrooms for some time.  The clean and bright look it brings, along with the ability to stay looking fresh for many years accounts for its popularity.

We have seen new colours being introduced in recent years with soft muted colours, especially on traditional shaker style furniture, making their mark.  Grey is a fabulous neutral that has also become a firm favourite and works in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

For those looking for a bold designer look, introducing a strong colour works well. Paint one wall in a dark or bright hue to create a focal point or choose a colourful tile to create a dramatic splashback. Accessories are another way of adding splashes of colour, with towels, blinds and even pieces of art.  These can be changed with ease, to match your mood or even the seasons.  A vibrant yellow for spring, relaxing and serene blue for summer or a warming plum for winter.

The most common request we have for a colour scheme is one that is classic and will stand the test of time.  This often takes a neutral theme but this does not have to be uninteresting.  We can add light and interest by introducing different textures and tonal shades of muted colours.

We love working with floor and wall tiles in order to do this, with so many designs available it is easy to create a unique look for every bathroom.  There are some amazing durable and hardworking porcelain tiles that replicate the look of natural materials such as marble and concrete. These mimic the organic patterns found in the natural material but are much more practical for use in a bathroom.  Wood is also becoming more popular in the bathroom, the natural textures make the room feel warm and grounded.  The modern wood effect porcelain tiles are very realistic, with the grains and knots of real wood that look just like the real thing.

It is possible to select from a range of tiles that are coordinated and complement each other across the floor and walls.  We can mix and match different tonal shades of the same colour theme to great effect. Adding a textured tile within the same colour group is another way to make the design more interesting.

Strips or panels of mosaic tiles are a great addition to a bathroom designs.  The mass of tiny tiles catch both the eye and the light, bouncing shapes and colours around the room. With combinations of stone, metal and glass textures, they can be bright and sparkly to introduce some bling, or soft and subtle to enhance the main colour.

We would love to help you design your perfect colour scheme in the bathroom, why not make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced designers and start planning  your own colour scheme?