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Light Up Your Bathroom – Top Tips

Roman Bathrooms

Lighting is often overlooked when designing a bathroom and something that is added on once the design is complete. We take a different approach here at Roman Bathrooms and build different kinds of lighting into the design as it develops.

Clever lighting can transform a bathroom and turn an ordinary room into something stunning.

Here are our top tips for fabulous bathroom lighting:

  • Illuminate your mirrors – You can buy mirrors now that have LED strips down each side and these do work well.  If you are looking for something with more impact and glamour then think about a row of lightbulbs around the top and even the sides.  Alternatively a diffused light each side is also a good option.
  • Light up the recesses – Add lighting to the recesses – this will allow you to add mood lighting and feature any items on display.
  • Make a statement – Choose a chandelier, strategically placed to really make a statement.
  • Use colour – You can add colour in many ways, fibre optic lights in a bath or via a chromotherapy shower 
  • Down lighters in the ceiling will cascade pools of light into the room.
  • Strip lighting around plinths and LED floor lights.  An exciting and contemporary solution that adds atmosphere along with an effective level of light.
  • Hidden lighting – Add lights inside drawers of vanity units; a great solution for specific task lighting.
  • Stay safe – Bathroom lighting is highly regulated so take advice about the type of fittings that are suitable for your bathroom.