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Mood Lighting For The Bathroom And Shower!

Roman Bathrooms

They are not mainstream as yet but we are introducing more and more of our customers to the benefits of chromotherapy showers.

Using the Greek root word chromo (meaning colour), chromotherapy showers combine all the usual wellbeing aspects of bathing/cleansing, with the addition of colours, to stimulate, enhance or calm mood.

Colour can affect how we feel – it’s why restaurants are often painted red (to increase appetite), bedrooms benefit from tranquil yellows and calming spa environments choose whites, creams and subtle greys to relax us – so it makes sense to introduce more colour into the bathroom.

We recently completed a contemporary loft conversion, where one of the bathroom’s features was its lighting.  We introduced mood lighting in recesses, around the plinths and even inside the drawers. The installation of the chromotherapy shower added a final luxurious touch to the lighting scheme, enhancing the ambience.

With a fantastic shower-head, multiple different settings and a choice of light colours and combinations, the owners were delighted with the result.

A cleverly-lit bathroom is the perfect way to ease off the tensions of the day, and adjust your mood accordingly. We look forward to helping more customers see just how many options there are and are sure that before long we will be fitting a lot more of these wonderful showers.