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New Generation of Smart Wc’s

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You may have noticed an unusual roadshow at a shopping centre near you in recent weeks as Gerbit took its AquaClean WC on a ‘My First Time’ tour around the UK.

Who would have thought that a new WC would warrant such a launch – and who would have thought that videos of people experiencing cleaning with water for the first time would be such a hit on social media?

Gerbit are not the only company to develop these innovative, high specification WC’s and we  are delighted  that we will soon have a Vitra V-Care on display in the showroom – although  we can promise that there will be no embarrassing filming as our display will not be a working model.

We will still be inviting our customers to come in and take a look as you can’t really appreciate just how sophisticated and well-designed these WC’s are until you see one.

The new Vitra V-Care combines the functionality of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet and much more.
V-Care offers a completely hands-free, comfort focused experience combined with the advantages of the easy clean and hygienic rimless Rim-Ex design, plus the space saving benefits from a wall-hung WC.  It is more hygienic than a conventional WC because it can be completely touch-free.  The seat can be opened and closed by using the remote control and the Comfort option will also open automatically as you approach the WC.

You can control the cleaning and drying functions via the remote control whilst comfortably seated on the WC. The V-Care integrated spray nozzle provides different washing options for gender specific needs. The ergonomically designed seat has adjustable seat temperature and water pressure and the Comfort option also has adjustable dryer temperature.

The ergonomically designed seat offers maximum comfort whilst the stylish design will complement all types of bathroom styles.
Vitra’s own rimless design, RIM-Ex, makes cleaning the WC pan more practical and efficient as it can be cleaned much more easily with one single wipe.  The special inner bowl limits the surfaces where dirt and germs may accumulate making the Rim-Ex 95% more hygienic, thanks to its innovative design.

Given all of this technology and the increased use of water for cleaning you could be forgiven for thinking that this WC does not have very good green credentials but this is not the case.   The V-Care operates under Blue Life,  Vitra’s sustainability principle.
The water used for all washing options is 3/6 litres and is designed to give maximum hygiene at minimal water levels.  The V-Care significantly reduces or eliminates the need for toilet paper, offsetting the electricity used to power the V-Care’s features and there are four different operation modes, ensuring you can save energy when the V-Care WC is not in use or when you are happy to have all heating options at minimal levels.

We can’t wait to have this amazing WC on display and will be announcing its arrival soon.  In the meantime take a look at this video  to find out more.