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The perfect kitchen island

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A gorgeous kitchen island is at the top of many homeowners wish list when they are planning a new kitchen.

A kitchen island can be the most important design statement in a room but it needs careful planning if it is to look great and perform well.   The most successful islands combine stunning design with function, providing a space for working, storage, and relaxation.

If space is no object a central island can provide a gathering point in the kitchen and enable the person doing the work to socialise with guests.  It pays to check carefully that you have enough space, ensuring that there is enough room to move freely around the island.  Having a hob in your island is great if you are a keen cook, or an extra sink for washing and prepping food is really useful. Incorporate sockets for small appliances, charging phones and laptops.

You can build in oodles of storage in the base with draws or shelves.  Utilise the ends to add a spice rack or a wine store.

Worktops that overhang the base allow stools to be stored neatly and create a great hub for socialising and informal dining.

Add interest by mixing different materials; introduce a wooden worktop or a contrasting colour on the doors.  Shapes can also be varied, islands don’t have to be rectangular, and the addition of curves can really make a design statement and add a new dimension to the room.

When space is limited a peninsula is a great option as they offer the same versatility as an island but take up less floor space.

There is so much opportunity to make the most of your new kitchen with an island, call in to showroom and we can share some great design ideas.