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Proud to Buy British

Roman Bathrooms

I read an interesting article in a national newspaper recently about a woman’s challenge to buy British for a day and how difficult it proved to be.  It would seem that many consumers would like to support our home grown industry by buying British goods and services but they are not always available.

Our experience in the showroom is that there is demand for British made goods and we are delighted to have worked with Utopia and Mereway for many years, both recognised as established British manufacturers.

For many of our customers a made in Britain label is an essential part of the buying process, it gives them reassurance that they are dealing with a brand that they can trust and they have confidence that it will be well made.  This is certainly the case with the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture supplied by Mereway and Utopia.  However it is not only the quality of the product that is important to us.  Understanding the market and designing products that are in keeping with the style that British consumers desire is also very important.  Once again Mereway and Utopia excel in providing designs and looks that are perfect for the British consumer.  This does not mean that they are all the same, far from it.  There is a wide choice of looks and finishes, allowing us to create the individual designs that customers want in their homes.

We offer an extensive selection from beautiful hand crafted kitchens in solid wood, such as English Revival from Mereway to the affordable, stylish and flexible Trend Interiors ranges.

In bathrooms, we provide contemporary designs such as freestanding high gloss and more traditional period painted furniture, all with our own very British levels of outstanding customer service.

Why not call in and see us soon, we have two floors of gorgeous displays that will inspire you and you can buy British too!