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Proud to Support British Craftsmanship

Roman Bathrooms

Buying British is something we all like to do so we are delighted to now have access to Mereway’s new Modern Classic collection, a hand crafted range that combines current trends with the elegance of a traditional English kitchen.

The collection features a diverse selection of styles, all quintessentially English with a contemporary twist. The colour palette is both right on trend and timelessly chic, utilizing 25 beautiful, bold earthy tones to add an extra touch of class that emphasises British good taste.

Our favourite feature? The English Revival range fits in to any home. The collection puts an emphasis on personalisation, with an unprecedented flexibility in furniture choice that allows each homeowner to put their own spin on these cool Britannia kitchens, transforming them in to personalised living areas.

We are sure that customers are going to love these kitchens – we do not have them on display yet but we do have the gorgeous new brochure in stock and can arrange for a visit to Mereway’s showroom where a number of new room sets are on display.

Click here to take a look at the video to find out more.