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Small Can be Beautiful in the Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms

The bathroom has become a haven of relaxation and calm but with most homes only having a modest sized bathroom then you’ll need some clever design to create a stylish room that feels spacious.

Keeping the bathroom free of clutter is the number one rule to avoid the bathroom looking cramped and too small.  Good storage is the answer and can be incorporated in many different ways, for example, counter top basins with built in drawers within the unit or WC units that hide cisterns and plumbing whilst incorporating cupboards.

You can achieve a double win with a mirror cabinet, not only do they hide all those bathroom essentials but they create a feeling of space.  Look for opportunities to create shelving built into walls or alcoves to keep the room space free.

Another great tip is to keep furniture off the floor wherever possible.  Many units are now available as wall hung, they create a modern feel as well as increase the amount of floor you can see, making the room feel more spacious.

Built in furniture also works well as all the available space can be used.  Choose an inset basin, so that the area below and to the side can be utilised with drawers and cupboards to provide storage and hide all unsightly plumbing. When it comes to baths there is lots of choice.

You can opt for a small bath, even a free standing bath that can be fitted against one long wall works well if you are aiming for a traditional bathroom. If you want to shower as well as bathe then there is a great selection of shower-baths on the market.  These can have rounded ends or a P shaped square end to allow more space for showering.  Finish with a matching glass screen for a sophisticated look. If showering is your preference then you could eliminate the need for a shower tray and create a wet deck showering area with an elegant glass screen.  A walk in enclosure also creates a feeling of openness. This look could also be combined with a sleek low profile shower tray.  Shower enclosures are available in a wide range of configurations; choose from products which have a small footprint, or inward opening doors which avoid other bathroom fittings.

There are also some clever tricks with decoration to make the room feel larger, a white ceiling and good lighting will make a low-ceilinged room look taller and choose large, light-coloured walls tiles to enhance the space. Finally don’t forget to think about the lighting. A small bathroom will benefit from as much natural light as possible so consider a skylight in a loft bathroom.  In most cases a small frosted glass window is the norm so keep the dressing to this as fuss free as possible.  Modern lighting will help you enhance the light; LED lighting can transform a dull space and is very energy efficient too.