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Smart Kitchen Storage

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The kitchen has always been a room that requires a lot of organising because of the appliances and equipment that is needed for cooking and eating.  It is even more so today with the addition of a multitude of small appliances that are deemed essential in the modern home such as coffee machines and smoothie makers.  Add to this the trend for kitchens to be living and dining spaces and storage becomes a serious issue.

Luckily, the kitchen industry has responded with an amazing array of clever solutions that are not always hidden from view but can often be used as part of the design because they are both beautiful and functional.
Islands for example can be designed to be multi-functional and incorporate lots of clever storage.  Open shelves to display those items that you want to be seen or wicker baskets to hide away bits and pieces.  A traditional wine rack can be built in for red wine or a modern cooler to keep your white wine at a perfect temperature.

In a traditional kitchen you can hang a canopy above the island to display utensils and pans that are needed close at hand. A mantle over a range cooker can provide more space for displaying ornaments, clocks and pictures – you can even build in hidden cupboards in the side to store often used herbs, spices and condiments.

One item that is on everyone’s wish list is a pantry or larder unit, a space that has shelves, racks and inserts so that all goods are displayed and easy to access.  You don’t necessarily need to have the space for a walk-in pantry, they are available as units to sit on cupboards, designed to blend into the kitchen, hiding an exciting treasure trove of goodies behind the doors.

For those seeking a sleek contemporary look, finding ways to keep things hidden away is the key to success. Ingenious revolving circular carousels that sit behind corner units are a creative solution for awkward corners.  Deep drawers that contain drawer management systems to keep everything in order and non-slip surfaces to stop pans moving around.

Knife and fork inserts and storage jar inserts for the drawers will keep all your things organised and make it easy to clean too.

When it comes to rubbish, sophisticated pull-out recycling systems are a clever way to sort waste.  Having no waste bins on display not only frees up floor space but maintains the uncluttered look.

Incorporating technology into the kitchen has never been easier, with pop-up power modules that provide USB ports and power sockets to power everyone’s gadgets.

Finally let’s not forget the household pets.  How about your own personalised doggie station to keep all the canine paraphernalia in one place and out of sight.  We can select the best combination of cantilever and pull out storage units to make a dedicated area that’s just perfect for pet food, grooming kit and towels.

Why not take a look in our gallery to see how we have solved some of our customers’ storage issues – or better still call in and see us soon, we are always happy to talk storage.