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Storage Options for Every Kitchen

Roman Bathrooms

When we are designing kitchens the most common request is for lots of storage, no matter how large the kitchen is, there is always a requirement for more storage.

We love the challenge of making best use of the space and creating a design that incorporates the right kind of storage for every home.  Everyone is different with some wanting a very streamlined look with everything hidden away and others looking to display much loved kitchen treasures on open shelving or in glazed cupboards.

Finding out who will use the kitchen and how it will be used is always our starting point as this will determine the requirements.  Keen cooks will have lost of pots, pans, gadgets, cookery books and ingredients that will all need to be readily accessible.

Modern family kitchens will have media centres with TV’s and consoles and other IT kit that needs to blend into the kitchen designs. Party lovers may want wine coolers, cupboards for glasses or even a bar in the kitchen.

We are fortunate to work with Mereway Kitchens; they offer a huge range of storage options across all of their kitchen collections, from sleek and modern to traditional.

We can select furniture that not only looks great but provides a dual purpose for display as well as storage such as open shelving and bookshelves. Dressers and larders can be customised for individual customers. For those short on space, a pull out larder works well.  If more space is available how about a freestanding unit?

Internally the options  for adding more or upgrading with the addition of drawer inserts, plate holders, spice racks is extensive.

Hidden corner units and carousels that slide in and out of view make the most of the space and provide easy access.  Pull out waste bins can be coordinated for ease of recycling.

With so much choice we can really personalise each kitchen, adapting the internal configurations for a specific purpose.  A recent kitchen had several ‘doggy’ storage options built in.  We incorporated drawers that were able to accommodate all the dog products, with an area for food, treats, outdoor toys and grooming tools, all perfectly displayed, stored and ready at hand when needed.

Take a look at our kitchen gallery here to see some other great storage solutions, or better still call into the showroom soon and let us help plan your clutter free kitchen.