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How to Have a Stress Free Christmas in the Kitchen

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As the festive season approaches, thoughts are turning to Christmas dinner and other family meals and celebrations.

This is a time of year when your kitchen really needs to work hard for you, helping you prepare and cook more food than usual and have the space to entertain in style.

In an ideal world you have oodles of storage in your kitchen, so you could clear the work surfaces ready for all that cooking. Pull out shelving, high level cupboards, wide drawers and walk in larders will all help with storage of non-essential items leaving you as much workspace as possible.

A good tip is to have a clear out a few months before, get rid of all of those gadgets you never use and throw away all the out of date produce.  This should provide you with more room to work with.  Do the same in the fridge and freezer.  We all have forgotten, half-finished dishes lurking in the corners, use them up or bin them to ensure maximum space.  You can then plan ahead and have dishes in the freezer ready to go and create extra storage for the key entertaining days.

There are lots of fabulous fridges/freezers on the market, if you want to upgrade or add a wine cellar to get the bottles out of the fridge before the big day.

Upgrading your oven or hob may not be possible but why not have them professionally cleaned so that they are operating at maximum efficiency when you really need them.

There will be extra demands on your extraction so make sure that your extractor and other ventilation is working properly, to prevent your kitchen filling with smoke and steam at a crucial time.

Finally, look at your cookware, crockery and utensils. Do any of them need replacing, would a new set of pans make life much easier?  Check that you have enough baking trays and that they are large enough to take the turkey and all the trimmings.  What about your knives, test them to see if they are sharp enough and sharpen them or replace if necessary.

It is also a good idea to re-create your festive table with all the plates and glasses to see if any pieces are missing, you don’t want someone to have the old chipped one whilst everyone else has the best china!

Most importantly don’t fret, remember this is a time of goodwill to all men, so if you can’t get any of the above in place just relax and enjoy being with friends and family.

You can always visit us in January and start planning your new kitchen for 2018 early 

Merry Christmas.