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The Toilet That Can Go Anywhere – Or Can It?

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During my years as a bathroom designer I have come across many misconceptions and I was reminded about one recently when a customer asked about a toilet that did not need any pipework and could go anywhere!

There is indeed a product that uses the strapline, the toilet that can go anywhere, it is amazingly versatile and does indeed enable the installation of a WC in a location that would not otherwise be possible.  However pipework is still required, there is a need to discharge into a soil stack or sewer, and an electricity supply is also needed, facts that can be overlooked by the enthusiastic customer.

The Saniflo toilet is the market leader and its product is based on the principal of a macerator that uses electricity to power the unit so that waste can be pumped up, down or across in order to reach a suitable outlet. You also need a cold water feed to the unit.

It is a fantastic product and when I do specify it, it usually solves the problem perfectly. I have been able to install WC’s in cellars and under stairs very successfully.  It can also work in houses that need lots of WC’s such as Bed and Breakfast establishments.

One note of caution is that it is not a good idea to rely on this as the only WC in a house, as if there is a power cut then the motor will not work and you have a problem.

The range of products offered by Saniflo has been extended and it is now possible to select from a range of products to match different situations. The Sanishower for example is suitable for those wanting to add an ensuite into a loft conversion.  This unit is an ideal pumping solution for a low level shower tray as it is capable of pumping a standard electric or gravity mixer shower.  You can even add a wash basin too.

Sometimes you may think that you need one of these products but there could be another solution.  If you have an unusual installation then give us a call, we have probably seen it all before and can help you create the perfect bathroom wherever you may want it in your home.