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Top Kitchen Trends 2020

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As the year draws to a close, there will be many reviews about what has been hot in terms of design and what we can expect in 2020.

Whilst your dream kitchen is not something you will change every year, to keep up with current trends, kitchen design does follow fashion and there are some exciting developments to look forward to for those planning a new kitchen in 2020.

Here are our top five trends to look out for:

Painted Shaker
Painted Shaker has really come into its own over the last twelve months.  It is such an adaptable look that works well in both modern and traditional homes.

A Shaker kitchen is simple and understated with a timeless appeal. With a wide range of colours now available and options to personalise the kitchen with different handles and details, there is shaker for everyone.

Grey remains the most popular choice in our showroom, with everything from soft pale greys to bold dark anthracites and this will continue through next year.

Islands and peninsulas
Kitchen islands have become a must have in any modern kitchen and this is not going to change any time soon.  For those lucky enough to be able to extend or buy a modern home with an open plan kitchen, an island is easy to plan into the space.

For those with less space, clever design solutions are required to create the same effect.  We find that a peninsula is a great alternative.  It creates a social area and can be multi-tasking.

Open shelves
We absolutely love the range of open shelves that are now available and so do our customers.

We have moved on from the original ‘Jamie Oliver’ type of open shelving with many alternatives that create a modern and relaxed look.  They have the beauty of making a small space look more open and it is easy to organise your most used possessions in the kitchen.

They can be painted to match the furniture or a contrasting colour.  Complementary wood can add warmth to a colour scheme and introduce a different texture. We know that we will be including many open shelving options in our designs next year.

More emphasis will be placed on kitchen lighting in 2020. Technology has given us many more options to design a lighting scheme that is tailored for every customer.

Our designs now include layers of lighting.  Focused task lighting for work areas and atmospheric mood lighting.

Hidden strips of LED are fantastic under shelves and around the base of islands, in different shades of white or even coloured.

Building in flexibility to control the lighting with dimmers and different circuits also makes a big difference.

Taps and accessories
For those that have opted to stay conservative in their choice of colours in the kitchen, adding some style and glamour with taps and accessories is a great option.

The addition of brass or copper taps can bring a strong industrial feel to a design, especially when matched with other accessories and maybe a concrete effect worktop.

We have seen an increase in the types of finishes available in taps beyond metallic, with black also becoming popular.  These can be matched with door handles to transform the look of a room.

Adding a touch of sparkle works whatever the colour scheme and we are sure to see more of this in 2020.