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Top Ten Tips for Planning a Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms
  1. TAKE THE PLUNGE – Often the most difficult step is the decision to make a start.  It may be that you have leaks from that old shower cubicle, the current House Bathroom just can’t cope with a growing family or maybe it’s just that you have fallen out of love with the Avocado colour theme.
  2. EVALUATE YOUR REQUIREMENTS – Picture in your mind’s eye your perfect room. Does it feature a large shower area with a shower resembling a waterfall or a space-saver bath so that a separate shower may be added? Do you require storage for towels and toiletries or double basins to ease the time pressures in a morning? Whatever your requirements are make a wish-list, cut out pictures from a magazine to make a style book – this creative time is invaluable.
  3. BUDGET – Research the prices of items on your wish-list and compare the costs to your budget. Remember this dream bathroom also has to be a financial reality!
  4. GETTING HELP – You don’t have to do it alone. Visit the bathroom showrooms in your area – you will be able to examine products first hand to appreciate the differences in style and quality – something you’ll never get from the internet! Once you have found a showroom you feel you would like to work with why not enlist the help of their design team? – Their product knowledge and design flair will build the all-important foundations to your project and will help to steer you away from the many pit-falls.
  5. WALL & FLOOR COVERINGS – No bathroom is complete without these and ceramic or porcelain tiles are favourites but there are other options. For example there are shower wall panels which give a grout-free showering area; or mosaic tiles for a slip-resistant surface for the very popular wet rooms – and don’t forget the ceilings, there are low-maintenance alternatives to painted plaster.
  6. HEATING – A bathroom or en suite needs to be one of the warmest rooms of the house and the elegant heated Towel radiators give a practical answer to heating the room as well as airing your towels. Electric under-tile heating is an affordable luxury and tops many wish-lists.
  7. LIGHTING – Worth keeping some of your budget aside for this! LED lighting is King for bathrooms – It is safe, available for ceilings, floors and can be found in many illuminated mirrors. L.E.D may be low energy but most of all it adds the wow-factor to any room.
  8. STORAGE – Important if you require that un-cluttered look. Cupboards, cabinets and recesses can all play an important roll in keeping your room tidy.
  9. INSTALLATION – Possibly the most important part of any room and the expertise needed to turn the design on paper into the reality of living the dream , cannot be emphasised enough.  If you are not fortunate enough to be able to fit your bathroom yourself the thought of organising tradesmen can be a daunting experience. Always try to use tradesmen recommended to you or at least try to see examples of their work.  Your designer may be able to arrange a team of experts for you and project manage the whole event, even down to the waste removal, so you can sit back, relax and watch your room transform before your eyes knowing you are in safe hands.