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Top Tips to Light Up Your Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms

The bathroom is a place in the home that is visited both briefly, for a quick wash, or a longer period for a long leisurely soak in the bath.

The lighting design should provide adequate levels for all the functional tasks, as well as options for when you want an ambient light to help create a mood, and help promote rest and relaxation.

Luckily, modern advances in technology have provided a wide range of fantastic lighting products, that are not only safe for the bathroom but offer clever designs solutions to create a lighting scheme that is unique to you.

Designing a great bathroom lighting scheme has to take into account many considerations. The bathroom has to be used at different times of the day, by the whole family and in some homes there may not be access to much natural light.

Layering and focus
The days of one central light in the centre of the room are long gone, we recommend that multiple lights are used to create layers. There is so much choice when it comes to products, from a statement chandelier for over the bath to discreet LED strips around the base of the bath.

We usually start at the basin as this often has a mirror above which can also incorporate lighting. Modern mirror lighting utilises no dot technology LED lighting. In a small bathroom, an illuminated mirror may be sufficient for the basin area but diffused task lighting can be added either side.

A recessed light in the ceiling is a good place to start for the shower but you can also add more dramatic colour with a chromotherapy shower, which has a coloured LED shower head.

Mood lighting can be added around the plinths and even inside the drawers.

The latest smart lighting controls allow pre-programmed settings. Look out for wireless lighting controls, which is installed without cables and can oversee thermostats, security and audio, if desired.

If lighting is required at night then lights that come on automatically via a presence detector when someone enters are a good idea. These can be at low-level or an LED strip under a vanity unit or bath panel. This will ensure that the light is muted so as not to wake others in the house.

It is useful to consider a dimmer switch and several different circuits to customise the light required at different times of the day or for different family members.

Keep it hidden
Our designs often include shelving recessed into walls. These are great places for hiding spotlights and LEDs, and will really add to the ambiance.

Safety first
Finally, whilst there are many gorgeous products available that are suitable for bathrooms, they must be appropriate for the right zones. Bathroom lights have an IP (ingress protection) rating; the higher it is, the more protection it has. The room is divided into three zones from 0-2. Zone 0 is inside the bath or shower itself so any fitting used must be rated at least IP67, which is immersion proof. Zone 2 is furthest away from the water and here an IP rating of at least IP44 is required.

We have lighting incorporated into many of our bathroom displays, why not call into the showroom soon and find out more.