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Top Tips For A Living Kitchen

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For many families an open plan, living kitchen is the heart of the home.  A space that is suitable for friends and family to meet and engage whilst different activities are taking place.

Creating a successful living kitchen requires careful planning to ensure that it is a safe space that provides all the necessary functions within a beautiful design.

Take a look at our top tips to help get you started.

Define your zones
The modern living kitchen tends to have three functions which require different zones:
• Cooking and kitchen area
• Dining area
• Living space

You can create the different zones with the selection of furniture, flooring and lighting. Choose one main piece of furniture that will define each space, a dining table for the dining area, a breakfast bar for the kitchen and wood burning stove or TV can define the living space. Use flooring to connect spaces or define different areas.  The same floor finish will help the room flow but it has to be suitable for each area.  There is so much choice now for kitchen lighting, it is easy to integrate a lighting scheme into the design.  From dramatic pendants or similar over a breakfast bar to strips of LED’s around shelves and islands. Having separate lighting controls for each of your spaces will also help distinguish them.

Coordinate colours and materials

Many customers are looking for a light, bright and contemporary space.  Whilst colours are popular in the kitchen, the trend is for natural shades of grey, green and blue.   Keeping to one colour scheme throughout the living kitchen will bring the room together and create a fluid design.

Matching finishes will also work in the same way.  For example we have a fantastic range of media furniture from Mereway that can be used around the TV area, the same finish is also available across the kitchen units and some living furniture.

Banish the clutter
Storage is key to the success of your living kitchen.  If possible have a separate utility room for your white goods and storage of cleaning materials and equipment.
Think about what you want to have out on display and what things you want to hide away.  Your living kitchen can incorporate a mix of open shelves and pull out mechanisms to ensure that everything has its place,

Plan extraction carefully
The last thing you want in your living kitchen is the s lingering smell of last night’s dinner.  Luckily there are a wide range of options that look great but take care to ensure that they also perform well too.

You can choose to make a feature of the extraction, such as a beautiful overhead unit that looks beautiful or hide it away inside the work top.

Wherever possible opt for extraction rather then re-circulation as this is much more effective and an external wall for the exit.   Buy the best you can afford in terms of performance.