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Wet Rooms Set to Soar in 2016

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It was no surprise to me to read two recent reports that the wet room market is set to soar. Researcher AMA has predicted that the wet room market is set to grow by 34% by 2019, and that is the fastest-growing sector of the UK bathroom market. Meanwhile Anglian Home Improvements has revealed that 43% of people would choose to add a wet room to their home, making it the second most desired home improvement.

Wet rooms have been an aspiration for many homeowners for several years now but initially costs were high and the products available did not always make for an easy installation.  That situation has changed now, costs have come down and innovations in technology have resulted in a whole host of new products, bringing more choice to the market.

Changing demographics has also contributed to the rise in popularity of wet rooms as they appeal to an aging population looking for ease of access as well as the young and mobile wanting a sleek and sexy showering solution.

In the past we have seen clients that want to replace the bath opt for a large easy access showering area and this will continue to be the most practical option for many.  However, increasingly as homeowners invest more in extending a bathroom as part of a house renovation, or where they are building their own home, they will choose to fit an open plan wet room.

As with many bathroom trends, the desire to have a designer bathroom just like the ones in boutique hotels will drive growth, as will the increase in new homes as the more exclusive housebuilders start to add a wet room to their up-market developments.

Creating a waterproof room and installing the correct drainage is now easier than ever before with several options to choose from. Applying a tanking membrane to the floor after the falls have been formed and then tiling will take care of the waterproofing.  Creating a gradient for the drainage can be achieved by installing a sub floor, a readymade sloping shower former or a giant preformed tray that creates the floor itself so no tiling is needed.

All that’s left then is to choose from a wide range of showers, with so many models available there is one to suit every taste and budget.

Most homes can incorporate a wet room, either in the main bathroom by taking out the bath or converting a smaller bathroom.  It will be a spacious, stylish and contemporary addition that is also likely to add value to your home.

If you would like to discuss the options for your home then call in to see us soon.