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A Bathroom Transformation in Cradley



A returning customer is always welcome, and when it’s a third time, then we practically consider that family! For that reason, we were delighted to hear from Tracy and John, who were looking to revamp their family bathroom.

We’d worked in their previous house several years ago and this time, it was our second visit to their Cradley property, to help shed some light on a dark bathroom. Tracy also asked us to look at a problem bath that she had never enjoyed using!

The initial plans incorporated everything Tracy had in mind, including a separate bath and shower but when she saw it on paper, Tracy admits she’d tried to cram too much in.

“I mulled it over a bit,” says Tracy, “and after some serious consideration, I went back to Caroline and asked for some new ideas. She’d done exactly what I’d asked but it wasn’t until I saw it printed out that it occurred to me that there would be no room to move freely! Caroline came up with some clever ideas, and managed to answer all our needs in a much more ergonomic way.”

These solutions included a bath with an overhead shower unit, clear shower screen and a corner toilet, set at an angle into the room, rather than running flush with a wall. “This created so much more space on the left of the bathroom when you go in,” says Tracy. “I also love the big mirror too.  The room only has a small window, so the mirror is at the perfect angle to catch and reflect all the natural light.”

With regard to fitting, Tracy even requested the same team she’s had into her house before saying, “you can trust the workmen 100%. We just go to work, knowing they’ll be doing a wonderful, professional and tidy job whilst we’re out. We absolutely love what’s been done, and we can’t wait for our daughter to get home from university to see it!” (Although with such a lovely new bath, Tracy also adds she can’t wait to get into it most evenings – so there may be some negotiations about whose turn it is!).

Either way – we’re delighted to have been of service to the family once again.