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A Beautiful and Modern Transformation


Modernise your bathroom


Midlands bathroom design and modernisation

When Mr. & Mrs. Weston experienced a series of problems with their downstairs bathroom, Roman Bathrooms stepped in, helped them sort out the issues and cleared up the mess left by their less than professional predecessors, so when the Westons decided to completely redo their upstairs bathroom, there was only ever one choice.

“We knew we could trust Caroline and her team, and after seeing how efficiently she and her team worked on the room downstairs, we immediately chose Roman Bathrooms for the renovation of our main bathroom.”

The bathroom was old fashioned, and felt down at heel compared to their newly remodelled and modernised downstairs bathroom.  Mrs. Weston says that when they sat down with Caroline to map out the design, she was able to find the best use of the space whilst incorporating the couple’s suggestions.




Our client said:

“Caroline has an amazing eye for detail, so whilst we could sketch out roughly what we wanted, she was able to make those ideas concrete and make sure every last thing was perfect,” says Mrs Weston. “We really wanted a separate shower and bath, which was challenging because of the size of the space but Caroline managed to include both without the room feeling cramped.”

Although initially they were concerned about the potential mess and having workmen in the house, Mrs Weston says all those fears turned out to be completely unfounded.

“The workmen were so polite and considerate, and mess was kept to an absolute minimum – we were delighted!”

The couple say their next project will be the kitchen, and they will definitely be calling on Roman Bathrooms to help.

“Our new bathroom is so beautiful and modern, we want Caroline to work her way around the whole house!”