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Hotel Style Bathroom In Edgbaston



A blank canvas is always a wonderful way to start a project, so when John McQuay from Edgbaston came to visit us, we were delighted at the prospect.

With just enough ideas of his own (stylish, clean, hotel-bathroom style) to work on, plenty of inspiration in our showroom, it wasn’t a difficult process to design something he loved.

“I’d heard good things about Roman Bathrooms from others,” says John. “It proved to be true – a very easy design process that was 95% what I’d envisaged, straight from the off. I wanted to banish my old, tired, slightly scruffy bathroom and introduce some contemporary style into my home.”

Aided by his partner Gaye, the couple picked out the fixtures and fittings, opting for a large walk-in shower for a touch of luxury.
The palette around the room is neutrals, with charcoal large-tile flooring. John also chose to replace a large window in the room, adding extra light. There’s a lovely electric towel heater in chrome and recessed lighting for added style.

“The process was seamless,” says John. “From the design and ordering, through to the fitting. I was kept informed and updated, and the workmen were nothing less than skilled artisans. We were particularly impressed with their provision of ‘after-care’ materials and advice in order to maintain the pristine ‘new’ look. Needless to say, we’re both delighted with the process and the end result.”

So much so, that Gaye is now eyeing up the kitchen…… watch this space!