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Hotel Style Bathroom in Harborne



Sue and her husband came across Roman Bathrooms whilst looking for a local supplier on the internet. Though Sue had fully researched the market and received some quotes from other suppliers, it was Roman Bathroom’s great customer service that really sealed the deal, “They exceeded our expectations from day one, from the moment we stepped into the show room, the team were professional and available,” says Sue.

Sue wanted to modernise her old and tired bathroom, maximise space and create more of a ‘hotel-like’ look in the room. Though rarely used, the new design needed to incorporate the existing bath, which proves handy for when the grandchildren come to stay!

“The design tools were really useful,” comments Sue. “Caroline helped us with putting colours and ideas together and we could really visualise what our new bathroom was going to look like.

“It’s a fairly small bathroom and I never really thought of a curved shower until Caroline suggested it – there’s so much space and it looks brilliant, we’re really happy with it.”

When it came to doing the work, the snow outside meant that Sue was anxious that the project would be delayed or that she would be left without water.  Luckily, our reliable workmen were able to set her mind at ease.  “When I saw the snow I was convinced that our project would be pushed back, or we would be left with no water for a week,” says Sue. “The workmen were brilliant, they arrived on time and obviously take great pride in their work, they took their time regardless of the snow – the hard work has really paid off.”

Out went the old (except the bath!) and in went the new, Sue now has a modern, clean bathroom with improved lighting and a spacious shower.

“It’s so luxurious, the finish is beautiful and it’s really easy to clean,” says Sue. “The customer service didn’t stop at the showroom either – the aftercare was also brilliant!  I would recommend Roman Bathrooms to anyone, they were with us all the way.”