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Hotel Style Bathroom in Oldbury



Retirement is viewed differently by everyone. For some, it’s a chance to sit down, put your feet up and do nothing. For others, it’s all about tackling the jobs you’ve not had time to do, as was the case with Ruth and David from Oldbury.

For years, Ruth had nurtured a love/hate relationship with their bath. As busy people, neither her nor David had time to enjoy it but as Ruth pointed out, “you still end up having to clean them!”

As she and David preferred a shower anyway and the bathroom was due for an update, they decided now was the time to ditch the bath and introduce a fabulous walk-in shower.  The next question was, who would be right for the job?

Roman Bathrooms had been on the couple’s radar for quite a while.  The initial plan was to obtain a quote for comparison with a couple of other companies. However, after the consultation, the decision was made. “They are so professional,” says Ruth.

“Roman Bathrooms know exactly what they’re doing, we knew we’d be in good hands from the start. We decided immediately not to look anywhere else, as there was nothing anyone else could offer that could exceed them.”

And now, they’re the proud owners of one very smart bathroom that answers all their needs. The bath is gone, and in its place is a shower big enough to fit six people (if you feel the need, that is!).

The feature wall boasts smart ‘hotel style’ tiling and offsets an enormous recessed mirror. It’s a statement bathroom that without question has provoked unanimous admiration from everyone who has visited.

“We couldn’t be more delighted,” says Ruth. “I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for – and we certainly did!”