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A Spacious and Easy to Clean Bathroom in Bromsgrove



A lot of our projects come from recommendations and that is how Judith and Phil from Bromsgrove came to us.

A friend had recommended Roman Bathroom, not only for the fabulous design but because the installation has been so smooth and stress free.

“Our old bathroom felt very cramped with a bath and a shower,” says Judith.  “When we visited Roman Bathrooms, we knew that we wanted to create a space that felt bigger, with a more spacious shower.

“Everything came together really well with the design after we went to the showroom. We knew that we wanted wall and floor tiles, they make the room look larger and it is so easy to clean. We also have more storage than we did before, so it is free from clutter and always looks great.

“We had been influenced by our friends experience and were not disappointed when it came to the installation. This was fantastic, everything was cleared away at the end of each day and our fitter was really experienced, adding ideas and suggestions about what would work best.

“Overall we are delighted and would not hesitate to recommend Roman Bathrooms.”