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Spacious New House Bathroom In Harborne



When we visited the home of Mary and Dave in Harborne, they were considering updating their bathroom but after some discussion we discovered that they would really like to have another ensuite in their home.  After investigating the room layouts and the pipework we were able to offer a solution that gave them both.

“Caroline went to a lot of trouble, checking the loft space and the position of the plumbing,” says Mary.  “We had to knock down a couple of walls and lose a bit of space in the guest bedroom but we now have two fabulous new bathrooms.

“The old bathroom was larger but the new house bathroom feels more spacious, thanks to better planning and the light and modern tiling.

“We have everything we need, with a bath and a separate shower, as well as an over the bath shower too.  The little touches such as the mirror cabinet, with the socket for an electric toothbrush, provides storage and there is a place for everything.

“We were so confident working with Roman Bathrooms that we even went away on holiday for part of the installation.  As there would be no bathroom for a while, we left them to it and came back to a completed ensuite that we could use whilst the main bathroom was being fitted.

“We love our new house bathroom and would definitely recommend Roman Bathrooms.”