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New Displays are Accessible and Gorgeous

Roman Bathrooms

We are delighted with our lovely new displays in the showroom, which have been designed with accessibility in mind.  Accessible bathrooms are sometimes misunderstood and people imagine all kinds of industrial looking products.  Here at Roman Bathrooms, we usually design with the future in mind and our bathrooms will not only look gorgeous but will also provide ease of use for all the family, whatever their age or capability.

These new displays prove the point as we have a low level easy entry bath from Carron, which makes getting in and out of the bath a dream.  We also have a sleek and contemporary walk-in shower enclosure with a stylish seat, which once again looks fantastic but is also easy to access. This combination allows the user to sit and relax whilst showering if standing is an issue.

The displays have proved to be really popular with customers, especially the elegant tiles from Vogue Ceramics which add a glamorous touch.

Take a look at some other ideas for beautiful accessible bathrooms here, or why not call into the showroom and see for yourself.