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Award Winning Shower Toilet On Display

Roman Bathrooms

The fantastic new shower toilet V-Care from Vitra is now available to view in our showroom. A first glance it looks just like any standard toilet but don’t be fooled, all the clever functional parts are concealed, making this an extremely well designed WC with a host of special features.

The seat is ergonomically designed and the electronics are encased in the body of the WC making it the perfect blend of design and functionality. The combination of the WC being wall-hung and having a rimless (RimEx) bowl makes the toilet hygienic and easy to keep clean.

The main functions include a bidet action that cleans the required areas of the body and another that cleans the toilet itself after use.

The range of features is extensive with adjustable water temperature and drying temperatures. The jet nozzle position is also adjustable and you can vary the jet intensity.

The seat is heated and air purification is automatically activated when the toilet is in use.
The V-Care can be controlled either via the console at the toilet seat or a remote control which makes the experience virtually hands-free.

As you would expect this product has won awards for its high quality, design, ease of use and functionality, gaining top marks in Germany’s Plus X Awards. There are two options to choose from; Essential and Comfort, making the V-care an affordable choice for any bathroom.

Why not visit the showroom soon and take a look.