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Colour Returns to the Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms

For many years white has dominated as the colour of choice for bathroom ceramics but indications are that this is all set to change in this new decade, with coloured baths and basins finally making a comeback.

We have seen colour become more popular in the bathroom in recent years in terms of furniture, finishes, trims and taps.  Black and metallic accents have become fashionable ways to enhance neutral colour schemes and painted furniture, in shades of blue and green are popular choices, especially in more traditional homes. In period properties it has always been possible to have a coloured bath by opting for a cast iron bath that can painted.

We are delighted to see a new range of solid surface baths and basins from BC Designs, which will provide opportunities to create colour in the bathroom whatever your style of home.  The new collection has eight beautiful shades including a Rose Pink and Gunmetal Grey.

The ColourKast baths and basins are manufactured with a silk matt finish.  The Cian® Solid Surfacing’s superior process technology ensures a solid homogeneous, 100% non-porous surface. Both products are renewable and repairable due to the impermeable surface with minor scratches and scuffs easily removed.

So, if you have been longing for the return of colour in your bathroom, then call into the showroom to find out more – we can’t promise an avocado suite, but we know you will love these new colours too!