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Making Space for Storage in the Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms

Storage is the one thing that everyone always wants more of in the bathroom. The good news is that keeping your bathroom free of clutter is easier than you think, even when you have limited space.

We have a wide selection of furniture and products that make the most of a small bathroom, providing clever solutions to create the storage you need.

These fabulous reduced depth fitted units are a great example.  Seen here in a sumptuous Ultra Cashmere gloss finish, this furniture takes up less space than standard depth units.  The impact on a small bathroom is significant. You can create the feeling of a more spacious room whilst still having useful storage.  The units are fixed to the wall which also makes the room feel more open and airy.

The white Corian worktop runs the whole length, providing a compact area for keeping everyday items.

The grand Deco mirror completes the look, adding a touch of glamour, proving that space is no object to providing the bathroom of your dreams.

If you are planning a new bathroom why not call in and talk to one of our talented designers – we look forward to seeing you soon.