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Mirrors in the Bathroom

Roman Bathrooms

Bathroom mirrors have come a long way and are now an important part of every bathroom design, rather than an add-on at the end.

We often use mirrors to add a more light and spacious feel to a bathroom.  Strategically placed mirrors can do much more than provide somewhere to check your hair and make-up.  They can make a small bathroom appear larger and are now available with a host of features to brighten up your bathroom.

We love the range of mirrors and cabinets from leading specialist HiB. They offer a comprehensive collection of illuminated mirrors designed for the modern bathroom but it is the latest LED mirrors with Bluetooth that we love to recommend.  Imagine a steam free mirror with blue tooth connectivity and integrated speakers so that you can play music or listen to the radio from your smart phone or other Bluetooth device.

The stereo speakers provide a great sound so that you can use music to instigate a calm or reviving environment, depending on your mood.

With crisp white LED framing and soft ambient lighting from the steam free pad, these mirrors are a must have in any modern bathroom. Why not pop into the showroom and have a look at the selection we have on display – we look forward to seeing you soon.