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New Showroom Display – Seated Shower Tray and Walk-In Enclosure

Roman Bathrooms

We are always looking for products that are well designed and will look great in bathrooms that can be used by everyone, whatever their age or capabilities.  This seated shower tray and walk in enclosure from Lakes Bathrooms, is one such product.  It is a wonderfully elegant design solution that allows everyone to relax and take a seat whilst showering if they wish. It works for those that may find standing a challenge as well as those that just prefer to take a seat when in the shower.

If you are thinking about an inclusive design for your bathroom, what not take a look at our design advice on the website here or call into the showroom.  You can see this shower enclosure on display, as well as some other products that will create your own stunning bathroom sanctuary that’s safe for everyone to use.

When standing in the shower proves a challenge, walk in, take a seat and enjoy showering in comfort.