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Open Storage in the Kitchen

Roman Bathrooms

Creating enough storage in the kitchen is often one of the most challenging aspects of kitchen design.  For those wanting a minimalist look, storage solutions that hide everything away and out of sight are preferable, but more and more people are looking for open storage solutions.

The open shelf look has been driven by TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver.  On his TV show, he works in a kitchen with an eclectic mix of shelves and open storage with all of the items he needs on display and at hand.

We have also seen an increase in requests for open displays from those looking for an unstructured look to their kitchen or when families want to create an informal living space that also doubles as a dining room.

The new Signature range from Mereway Kitchens, offers a wealth of opportunities to incorporate such features, helping to personalise your kitchen design at the same time.  A Match Maker colour palette allows for two cabinet and frame colours to be chosen to contrast or complement, which is especially effective when used in open shelving.  A White frame with a Diamond Grey cabinet for example or a bolder combination of Cashmere frame with Aubergine cabinet.  In this example the Aubergine could be used as an accent colour elsewhere in the kitchen, inside a bi-fold dresser or to create a window seat, as seen in this image.

If you are dreaming of a more open look to your kitchen, why not call in and chat to one of our friendly designers – we look forward to seeing you soon.