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Smart Showering

Roman Bathrooms

We love showers here at Roman Bathrooms, as advances in technology have created a new generation of smart showers that do so much more than just provide a means for washing.

A shower is an experience to be savoured – it can be invigorating or relaxing and tailored to meet your own unique specification.

One of the latest on the market is the Aqualisa’s Q™.  This fantastic shower enables you to have a personalised showering experience.  You have the ability to choose from a range of pre-set experiences such as ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Family’.  In addition you can create and save your own showering experiences with your unique combinations of temperature, outlet, flow and duration, so that you can repeat that perfect shower every time, even the last one you had.

As well as being extremely smart, this shower looks great and is intuitive and easy to use.

It greets you with a friendly ‘Hello’ displayed on its screen before it powers on. Its warm up feature will hold the water at your desired temperature until you’re ready to start your shower and it comes with a remote control so that you can power on your shower and have it perfectly pre-warmed before you step in.

For those wanting an extra touch of glamour in the bathroom, the Q™ EDITION is also available in metallic finishes such as Rose Gold or Black Chrome.

If you are looking for a smarter showering experience, why not call in soon and find out more.