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The Ultimate Showering Experience

Roman Bathrooms

You don’t need a multi-million pound penthouse pad in Greenwich Village, New York to experience the ultimate shower experience, as vitamin C enthused showers are available here and now from Roman Bathrooms for as little as £250.

We are one of a handful of UK showrooms that offer the gorgeous Methven Shower Skincare range from New Zealand.  This ingenious technology brings aromatherapy and wellness to every bathroom without you having to buy a millionaires apartment like Leonardo DiCaprio.

This simple to fit shower skincare pod and handset can be added to your existing shower which then transforms an everyday showering experience into an aromatherapy spa experience.

A four step system utilises a vitamin C cartridge that counteracts chlorine in your water to reduce the drying effects on your skin and hair.  A gentle body wash without chemicals maintains the skin’s natural balance and then a conditioning cartridge conditions your skin with a selection of botanical extracts and aromatherapy oils.  Finally a body cream protects and nourishes, sealing in moisture after the shower.

The shower head itself also has a different spray from a conventional shower, the Satinjet® shower  uses twin jets of water  that collide creating an invigorating yet soft luxury shower for your skin.

We are delighted to be offering this fantastic product and the response from customers so far has been amazing, so if you fancy some Hollywood star treatment in your own home then why not call in and take a look.